Hailing from the streets of Los Angeles, one man groove metal project DIVINE ERA fuses driving, groove oriented riffing with bluesy, melodic soloing courtesy of its sole member, Japanese singer/guitarist Daisuke Wachi, who over the years has played guitar alongside Kalen Chase (VIMIC) and Aaron Nordstrom (GEMINI SYNDROME) in THE CHANGING, and replaced none other than Jake E. Lee (OZZY OSBOURNE) in MANDY LION’S WWIII.

2007 - “The Sound of Words” full length feat. drummer Pepe Clarke Magana (KYNG/ANKLA)
2007 - “The Sound of Words” single featured in million selling video game TONY HAWK’S “PROVING GROUND”
2012 - “Dead End City” full length feat. drummer Kyle Mayer (10 YEARS)
2014 - “Vanity of Vanities” single feat. drummer Kevin Talley (SUFFOCATION/DYING FETUS)

2018 will see the release of a third full length, “Scripture Codes Summon Suicidal Thoughts” which showcases Dai’s trademark riffing, soloing and raspy voice honed to a level of unrivaled perfection…
November, Toured west coast. Played in 12 cities 11 states.